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custom web publishing logs

Question asked by jgraef on Nov 9, 2009
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custom web publishing logs

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In the old days of Filemaker server (before the conversion to the .fp7 file extension), I could get a Filemaker access log that contained the following information for each http GET transaction:



IP address

user name

GET string (i.e.

GET /Public/FMPro?-db=Terms.fp5&-lay=Web&-format=top.htm&-op=gt&Group=a&-find HTTP/1.1

HTTP code (i.e. 404, 200)


Today I'm using Filemaker 9 Server Advanced and I can't find this information anywhere. My IIS logs tell me when someone downloads a custom web publishing page (i.e. indexdetail.xsl), but not the detailed information about which Filemaker record the user accessed. Nor can I find this information in the Filemaker logs.


I can't believe Filemaker Server is no longer capturing this information. If the logs aren't capturing it any more, is there another way for me to get it (e.g. maybe a custom function?)