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CWP w/ php form...field validation

Question asked by ProZachJ on Jan 13, 2010


CWP w/ php form...field validation

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FMS 10 on MS SBS 2003 running IIS and filemaker installed php.


Let me start off by saying that within the past year I have been on an incredible learning curve thanks to Filemaker. However when trying to learn Filemaker, XML/XSLT, HTML, and PHP all in a year there are obvious gaps in my knowlege and abilities. My company is a learn what you need as you go type of small buisness.


I have used the php site assitant to generate a webform and confirmation page for web users to submit their information into our marketing database. With a little copy and paste customization I was able to wrap it into the CSS of our company website and it looks great. I would however like to add field validation to the form (ie create required fields, make sure they actually input a valid 10 digit phone number, and a valid email address) I have found several php validation tools on the web for this purpose but am having trouble integrating it into the filemaker code. I have read through the files created by the site assistand and feel like I have a broad understanding of the classes and their functions.


Can anyone point me on the right path to adding these features to my webform?

Should the validation scripting be added into the addrecord.php file or the confirmation.php file?