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CWP w/ PHP Webform

Question asked by ProZachJ on Jan 20, 2010
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CWP w/ PHP Webform

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FMS 10 MS SMB 2003

Filemaker installed PHP


I have used the PHP site assistant and alot of deft copy and pasting :smileyhappy: to create a webform whereby a visitor to my website can submit their information into our "prospects" database.  In the database a few fields have the "required value" box checked under validation so that the form will return an error if someone doesn't provide their name or other required information. The problem is that the same error message is returned no matter which field in the webform was incorrect. Does anyone know how to make this a "smarter" form that could tell the user which field they missed. Possibly placing red text over the specific field rather than a generic message at the top of the form. Also It would be nice if the  fields that did validate kept their values rather than requiring the user to re-input the entire form.