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    CWP with PHP slow after Server Upgrade -> 11



      CWP with PHP slow after Server Upgrade -> 11

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      Hi all,


      Just installed the new FM Server 11 instead of FM server 10. Followed instructions about uninstalling ver 10 and installing ver 11 instead.

      And everything worked out fine. But Custom Web Publishing with PHP is now extremely slow. Often over 30 secs for each request, which makes a timeout. And this is minor request with no pictures. When it comes to pictures, they load even slower.


      It worked fine yesterday with ver. 10, and the IIS and PHP files has not been touched?


      Anybody else tested this with version 11?


      And by the way, normal use from Filemaker Pro 11 clients seems to have normal speed. In fact I got feedback that people found it even faster than version 10.



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          No one who can confirm that PHP is running fine or not on FM Server 11 ?


          I guess I have to report it as a bug then?



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            Thank you for your posts, and I apologize for the late reply.


            Are you using the site assistant to create the pages?  If not, can you use the site assistant and see if the problem is resolved?


            Is the a one machine configuration?  Or, is the web server and database server on different machines?


            What version of the OS are you using?


            Can you post the PHP code for a sample page that is exhibiting the slow performance?


            Any other information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the cause(s).



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              I am experiencing exactly the same behaviour (i started another thread), although Its always run very slow for me, yet Instant web publishing is running at lightening speed. Ive got a single machine configuration running on IIS 7 and Windows Server 2008r2.

              The WPC requests take a very long time to process within the FileMaker Servers statistics. The Elapsed time for the request goes to about 1029xxxx - IWP is very fast though on the same database using the same layouts.

              This is some of the basic code I am using - not really doing anything special. IWP the files are blazingly fast....


                  $databaseName = 'events';
                  $userName = 'myusername';
                  $passWord = 'mypassword';

                  $fm = & new FileMaker();
                  $fm->setProperty('database', $databaseName);
                  $fm->setProperty('username', $userName);
                  $fm->setProperty('password', $passWord);

               $findCommand = $fm->newFindCommand('Web_Events');
               $Events_result = $findCommand->execute();
               $records = $Events_result->getRecords();


              <table width="100%" border="0">
                <th align="left" style="width:80px">Date</th>
                <th align="left" style="width:180px">Title</th>
                <th align="left" style="width:300px">Location</th>
               <?php foreach($Events_result->getRecords() as $records){ ?>
                <td><a href="Events.php?id=<?php echo $records->getField('EventID'); ?>"></a></td>
                <td><?php echo $records->getField('Title'); ?></td>
                <td><?php echo $records->getField('Location'); ?></td>
                <td colspan="4"><hr /></td>
              <?php } ?>


              Quite alot of FMS11 and cwp/php based questions and not many answers on this forum........

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                     I have the same problem though I am upgrading from version 11 to 13. Just found a possible cause of the problem and I am going to give it a try later on: