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Daily Inventory Check List

Question asked by JoshOlivas on Jun 20, 2011


Daily Inventory Check List

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I was wondering if someone could give me some direction on how to create a daily inventory check list, that can be reset daily. Something where it can find and sort the product by Location (got that part), and also have a "Not Here" or "Here" pop up for a "Status" field (got that too), add an reference image into a container field (that too), and a notes field so if the item is being used off site it could be noted. With a way to clear the "Notes" and "Status" fileds once the check list is completed and saved

The table that contains the Article Number, Description, Serial, and Location information is set to automaticlly update from an excel file that is generated from a website, with no way to specify a particular order to the items when new item are added or old ones are changed on the website side. So im confused how to set up the image container, status, and notes filed

For accountability, i had set a containerf or a signuture capture at the end of all the records, if i can get it to a point to be used on an iPad.

Any kind of guidence is much appreciated!!!