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Damaged file on server

Question asked by ryyno10 on Sep 9, 2014
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Damaged file on server

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Yesterday one of our FM11 files crashed (I know, we haven't upgraded for reasons out of the scope of this question.  We are, however, running the most recent version of FM11).  I checked the event log and discovered the Event 618: "Database or temporary file "File_Name" is damaged and has been closed. (824)".  I also tracked down some other server events that occured during this time: Event ID 900, 902, 1003, and 1066.

I restored the most recent back-up file into production and haven't encountered any problems since.  I was able to recover the damaged file and pull data from each table that was updated during the time between most recent back up and crash (about an hour worth of production).

The back-up file, which is currently in production, has passed the consistency check, however, I'm worried that some type of insiduous corruption might exisit within the file.  Should I be concerned?  Also, I'm working on a re-design, we will soon be using a different database program for some of our workflow processes.

Should I rebuild the file from scratch and import my data back into the new file?  Any comment would be greatly appreciated.