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Data missing months after upgrade

Question asked by PaulEmery on Apr 29, 2013
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Data missing months after upgrade

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     One site I do IT support for runs Filemaker server v12. This was upgraded successfully from v9 in September last year. Since then it has run without a hitch, and has been working both internally and externally ( remotely via iPad ). In short - all good!

But... The person who admisters the system has just copied over some files to create new copies for the next financial period. When these files are opened, there is a chunk of data missing - basically everything after September.

So my working theory right now.... is that the conversion of the files has done something to the indexing which has only become apparent after the file is copied. This has now occured in several files and the file sizes look identical in each case, so I suspect that the data is actually there but that the indexing is messed up.

Question 1 - how do I confirm my theory that the indexing on a given file is at fault, given that the files I converted in the upgrade are still working fine for multiple users?

Question 2 - how do I reindex / repair the files? What is the best practice here?

Question 3 - if I took one of the original v9 files and renamed that, then converted it would that side step the issue?

Question 4 - is there anything in the file setup which could account for this behaviour?


     Many Thanks