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Database Backup question invalid path

Question asked by Linda2009 on Jul 2, 2009
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Database Backup question invalid path

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I am using Filemaker Server Admin Console 9 and I have 3 questions


1. Can FM server backup the database to a different server in the network?


2. I am trying to create a new schedule to backup the database with filewin:/D:/Admin/Backups/FMP/MONDAY/ ( the database is in D:/Admin/DATABASES/), but it showed "Not a valid path" when I tried to Validate it. We do have existing Backup schedule with the path filewin:/D:/Admin/Backups/FMP/Evening/ and It works fine. Is this a permission issue or some settings I don't know?


3. Also I can not Perform "Duplicate a Schedule". Is this a permission issue too?


Any reply will be very appreciated.