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    Database disappeared



      Database disappeared

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           It happened to us twice already. I am leaving work at the end of the day and my database is working fine. I am getting back the next morning only to see the database gone. The last time it was gone like that for 24h and when I reopened my computer the day after, it reappeared. This is happening again this morning and I need it back because we use it in our production.


           Any idea why this is happening? The database just seems gone. It is not in the Filemaker server library anymore.



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               Can you share more details like OS and version? Are there any other databases hosted? Is there any backup or archiving software installed on the server? Is the database really gone like not present in the data folder on the server computer or are you simply not seeing it in the open dialog? When you do not see your database in the "remote open" dialog, can you see the server then? If so, can you try to complete the file path manually after clicking on the server.