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    Database encryption



      Database encryption

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      I use FM Server Advanced 10.0 and want to encrypt one of my 8 databases.  I regularly back it up to a removable hard drive and want to be sure it is encrypted incase the removable is misplaced or stolen.  I have looked at some third party apps but wonder if anyone has any recommendation or experience with any particular tool or technique which works well in a Mac environment.

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          I made a php backup that compress, split and encrypt the file with AES 256 through openssl, then upload it to remote backup storage and verify that the file transfered correctly.  It work quite well in our case.  You can also take a look at GPG, it's the opensource for PGP.  It also does encryption quite well.


          I personally like the openssl route because it's all command line and I can automate everything using Cron on our 10.5 server.