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    Database Encryption



      Database Encryption

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      I know FileMaker support Secure Connections, but is there a way to Encrypt the Database itself?

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          Hi Crawford:


          Aside from SSL/Secure connections, there is no tool or setting in the software itself that will encrypt a database. You may need to look into some plug-ins or standard encryption tools.  Perhaps a forum user has the same configuration and can offer advice?


          Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you.



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            If you want to encrypt the enitre databasefile I think you have to look for OS specific functions that encrypts the disk volume or simular (like BitLocker of something). If its just some contents in a database you want to encrypt there are a few diffrent solutions. For example pass the data via a PHP encryption function before storing it in your database. This requires quite a bit of scripting though... for example if a user wants to search among the encrypted values and so on.


            The simplest solution we found was to place the FMServer on our LAN and giving users access via SSLVPN. Fast, safe and effective =D