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    Database engine does not start



      Database engine does not start

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      Server, Administration, help, etc all start. However no databases start. This is happening every morning after the server restarts. It is a problem since some users need to access databases before I arrive at work. Since the database engine does not start, the console has limited fuctionality.

      To fix it, I must stop the processes then restart the filemaker server service. Sometimes this doesn't work so I must restart the Windows 2003 server.

      This was only happening occasionally. However, it has happened everyday for the past three days. Any Ideas?


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          Out of curiosity, why do you restart your server every morning? We leave ours up 24/7--only shutting down to install updates or to update the system software.

          What do you see in your log? You may find a clue there that can help you diagnose this.

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            The blade servers are on an AS-400 system. It performs an IPL (reboot) every morning. It is sort of a cleansing. The logs only show the databases closing and Filemaker Server ending then after the IPL the server restarting but no data bases.

            I noticed a message regarding the database engine not starting (not in the logs).

            I increased the cache to see if it made any difference. There could be an intermittent conflict with something on the AS-400 starting the same time as the blades and/or Filemaker Server.

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              Increasing the cache did not help. This issue began last Sunday and has occurred every day since. No changes have been made to the server, FMPro Server or anything else for about two weeks. So, it is unlikely anything added would have been in conflict.  Again, this was an intermittent problem but now is an everyday occurrence. Very frustrating.

              Too bad we can't change the start up order in Windows. As I recall, from my Mac days, it was possible on the older Mac OS. Not sure about OSX.

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                Do you close your databases prior to the restart?

                If your system is just restarting the server without first closing the files, you are performing the equivalent of a forced quit on each of your files. This might damage them and will also trigger a consistency check on every file when the server starts back up.

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                  I just checked the logs. It shows everything stopping followed by everything stopped. It does not show anything starting until I started it. However, Filemaker Server services and related processes were running and I had to stop them to restart the services. Upon restarting the service everything was ok. 

                  The blade restarted at 02:28:09. The Filemaker log should have recorded it starting shortly afterword.

                  Below are a few lines from the log. 01:32:50 is when the last database reported closed. Earlier it was closing. 08:36:19 is when I started Filemaker server. It does not show it starting earlier nor does it show me stopping it just prior to restarting.

                  All other log entries look ok.

                  2010-10-27 01:32:50.838 -0400 Information 168 Bill Smith, Inc. Filemaker Database "Admin Menu" closed.
                  2010-10-27 01:32:51.572 -0400 Information 412 Bill Smith, Inc. Filemaker FileMaker Database Engine stopped.
                  2010-10-27 01:32:51.572 -0400 Information 490 Bill Smith, Inc. Filemaker FileMaker Server stopped.
                  2010-10-27 08:36:19.048 -0400 Information 162 Bill Smith, Inc. Filemaker Starting FileMaker Server 10.0v2 (05-27-2009)...

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                    I wrote a system script to close all databases at a specific time. Do you know what file extension to give the file. Currently it is .txt


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                      The language you scripted in will determine the file extension. I used vbscript for mine (my script copies back up files to an external drive each night) so I used .vbs for the extension.

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                        The database engine still will not start until I stop all Filemaker Server processes and restart the service. 

                        Prior to the nightly system restart, I closed all databases, stopped the database engine, and stopped the Filemaker Server service. The next morning the service started, processes started, however, the database engine still did not start. Very frustrating.


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                          I still don't know why the database engine does not start though all Filemaker services and processes start. It must conflict with something else that starts when the server restarts.

                          I deselected the option to start Filemaker Server when the server starts. I then scheduled Filemaker server to start at 06:30 am so it starts after everything else. This seemed to fix my problem.