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    Database FM 12 with huge size



      Database FM 12 with huge size

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           Hi all, I've a fm 12 file that in some months has 800 Mb... a huge size! I don't save files in it, but I use reference.

           There's a tool that can help me to understand where is the problem, or how much space is used from a table?

           Thank you

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               One of my files is now over 5 GB in size so 800 MB doesn't seem so large from my perspective. How many tables and records in each do you have?

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                 Hi, I've 50 tables, but only a few are populated with more that 10 records (are combobox support tables). In 4 table I've 4000 records, and in another one 8000. I others sw like sql server...mmm... 4 Mb file size?

                 But do you know if is there a tool do investigate in?


                 Thank you!

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                   Not really, but you might open the file and use save a copy as to save a compacted copy of the file to see if you get much of a change in file size. (A compacted copy is produced by FileMaker doing a bit of extra "garbage collection" to reduce your file size.

                   You might also keep in mind that SQL server is primarily data while FileMaker also contains the interface data need for each of your layouts. 800MB seems large for what you describe, but if you have layouts that include a number of large hi-res graphic images or such, it might not be.

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                     My FM file is hosted in FM Server and I try in a copy. I tried "save as copy", but file size is the same. I deleted some layouts (formats) but size is decreased of only 3 Mb. It's incredible that FM don't have a tool to diagnostic application performance, it's a first-step-tool for every development suite. Before this post my vote to FM was 4, now it's 2! It's unusable for production environments. It's a toy, not a RAD! No support, no solutions, no tools, no nothing! It's incredible!

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                       Take a copy of your database file, delete a table, remove the unused blocks by closing the file and write down the change in size. Repeat this with all the remaining tables. Unfortunately there is no other way to determine table sizes, but FileMaker sure has a some advantages left.


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                         Thank you Nils, I already do that and found where problem was. Some attachments was saved in the db, instead of save a relative path. I think that was a user choice to save some files of 100Mb. Filemaker is not very helpful to user that don't understand well what a computer is (a Mac-user has a very low level knowledge on computers)

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                           You can design an interface for inserting files into containers where a script manages the entire process for the user. They could, for example, drag and drop a file into the container field--which embeds the inserted file and bloats your database file, but then a script performed by the OnObjectModify trigger exports the file to the users temporary folder and reinserts it for them with the correct insertion and storage options specified.

                           And in FileMaker 12, I'd take a close look at using the external storage option for my container fields as a better way to manage container fields--especially if you are hosting the file over the network.

                           And I encourage you to take a look at third party developer tools and plug ins. You may find one that addresses this very issue. (Analyzing file size in relation to the tables defined in the table.)