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Database in "incorrect state: Closed"

Question asked by DeanSuhr on Mar 15, 2014
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Database in "incorrect state: Closed"

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My FMS13 (v13.0.1 on single computer install on Mac mini v10.9.2 Mavericks (Intel)) server was happily serving ... until it wasn't.

     The console showed all databases Closed.  I tried to open them and they wouldn't.  They wouldn't pause or verify as individual files or xxx all.  The error log said "Could not close database: databaseName because it is in an incorrect state: Closed."  Interestingly, the log entries always showed up when I tried to (re)close the databases, and occasionally when I tried to pause or resume them.  They never showed up when I tried to verify or open the databases.
     I removed FMS 13, restarted, and reinstalled FMS 13.  Same issue.
     Have any of you seen this before?  Must be a settings file somewhere I need to clear out.
     Next step is to reimport the databases.