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Database Password issues

Question asked by meashton on Nov 14, 2008
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Database Password issues

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We are using Filemaker Server 9 and some of our databases are password protected due to sensitive information.


We have one main database that calls several others (these were all set up in 5.5, so are still separate DBs vs. tables).  In the past, when the main DB opened one of the pwd-protected files, we'd get the password dialog box then.


Starting yesterday and for apparently no reason, the main DB started asking for a password upon opening.  It will not accept the set password and we are locked out of our database.


We tried restoring the DB from a backedup version, but it still asks for a password and won't open.


Today we tried changing the password for the protected DB called by the main one, and now we cannot open either DB with either password.


Holding down the shift key doesn't help, using "Admin" as the username with no password doesn't help, using the password as both the username and password (used to be a blank username and password) doesn't help.


Please help me solve this so we can use our databases again!