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Database performance with Filemaker Server

Question asked by ahcho on Jul 16, 2012
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Database performance with Filemaker Server

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I am running FM Server 12 advanced. This is my first go with FM Server (it's pretty cool) but I had some questions regarding database performance. I am hosting files on FMS12 and consuming them through FMgo 12.

Here is my setup:

Worker DB - This database is very few layouts and is primarily used on the iPhone to collect information

Overlord DB - This database has several layouts and tables. Worker DB pushes data to Overlord DB.

Is there an improvement in performance with this setup if I am using Worker DB remotely over 3G? My understanding of FMServer is that it will only pull the necessary information that the user (via FMGo). If that understanding is correct, then splitting the databases wouldn't provide a boost in performance.

Is that correct?