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    Database Replication



      Database Replication

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      Is there a way to Replicate a FileMaker Database?

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          Hi Crawford,

          Thanks for posting!


          If you open your database in FileMaker Pro (locally), go to File > Save a Copy as.  All of the layouts and data will be 'replicated' or copied.


          Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you.



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            Thanks for the verys quick response.


            What I am looking for is..

             I have 2 FileMaker servers and I need a way of replicating in Real-time the actual Data. Basically as soon as a change is made on teh Production Server it is replicated to my backup server  (Disaster Recovery Plan).

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              I see what you mean. Maybe you can do hour backup of the DB?. Let say if server 1 crash, you can use your server 2 with the db copy of the back up.  



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                Hi Crawford,


                I've done this numerous ways in various solutions to meet the needs of various clients...


                 A.  create a script to save a copy of the existing FMP file

                 B.  create a script to archive modified records to another FMP file

                 C.  create a script to export modified records to a text file[s]

                 D.  create a 'history system' that tracks all changes to individual fields


                The above functions can be initiated by the user 'clicking a button' or, scripted to automatically happen when a user modifies the contents of any field.  Additionally, the resulting 'replicated data' can be saved to the local HD, saved to a remote HD, or sent via e-mail to another user.


                These are but a few ideas...  I hope this helps!!!