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Database server not available

Question asked by DylanValentine on Jun 21, 2011
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Database server not available

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I tried searching the forums but there was not a solution that worked for me.

I just downloaded and installed Filemaker server, on Windows 7 Ultimate. (Which should meet the win 7 proffessional  requirement) I keep getting an error that says "the database server is not available, to edit deployment database server needs to be started first."  I have the option to Restart or Cancel. When I choose Restart, I get another error stating: "Unable to start the database server. Please contact system administrator." Well, that's me.

In the Services viewer, FileMaker Server is Started and Running

In the Event Viewer, I have a bunch of errors (presumably one for each time I try to start the db server).

Remote Administrator connection from was refused.

1. is there a fix to this?

2. why is it trying to remote connect to a local host?

Also, I run a 'locked' down configuration of windows. I have a large number of 'access this machine from elsewhere' services turned off. 

3. Is there a list of service dependencies for FileMaker Server?  So, I can check if I need to enable any of the ones I don't use?

thank you for any help in problem solving