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Database Server won't start up correctly

Question asked by jamesg on Jan 4, 2010
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Database Server won't start up correctly

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I'm a complete newbie to Filemaker and have limited understanding of database implementationon a network.


Before Christmas I set up Filemaker Pro Server 10 (version on a G5 Mac running OS 10.5.8.


It was functioning perfectly however, on returning to work I have had a problem with the Admin Console.


Initially, the Admin Console reported that the Database Server needed to be started which I tried to do using the menu command under "server".  After about 10 minutes with the egg timer spinning it eventually looked as if it had started but I still could not access any of the Administration modules like to check on the Clients.  I restrted the Admin Console and the same problem is still occurring.


Is it possible to start the Database Server without going through the Admin Console?  Would that help?


Any suggestions most gratefully received, many thanks.