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Question asked by KAmsinger on Jul 28, 2011
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Hi All. 
I am on FMP Server Advanced 11. I am on a Virtual Dedicated Server that has Windows 2008r2 operating system, Core Duo Processor, 1500 GB Bandwidth, 45 GB Disk Space, 3 GB Ram, xenon dual core processors. The database file is around 1.46GB, with around 12,804 records. Each record contains around 200 fields, and on avg 1-4 of those fields contains picture images, or images of documents. And at any given time around 2 users on the database but no more than 4 users.
In the database I have merged together several different features that I pulled from templates that came with the software. 
I have a email feature where I can email distribution lists of records or individual records. Also in the email table I have created a Group (folder) system. That has a main group, sub group, that leads to draft emails which all the Group hierarchy has a portal leading to the next portal. Then in the same table I created a note section on "How To" do certain things and processes with the company, that also has this Group (folder) system just like the emails I described above..
Group Member feature (Created from the Meeting template but not used for meetings used for it's grouping feature)- which this has been duplicated over several times to create several different types of groups. 
Meaning there is groups that a person (recordID) can be a leader of and people (records on the same table) are a member of their group, this setup joins 2 tables together. Meaning the Group list is in a Group table but it is pulling it's list of members from a contacts table. 
Then there are value lists that are leaders of groups that people are a member of. 
Each person's record contains around 8 portals that leads to these different types of groups. And at any given time a person can be apart of anywhere from 3 groups to quite a few groups (10, 15, even 30 groups for 1 record)
So here is the deal. I have created this very intricate database system all on 1 file that does everything we need it too and keeps everyone organized and all their pertinent info all in one place. 
However, our biggest challenge has not been resolved is the speed of the the database on a server that is shared over a network. We have been using one service (which I gave the spec's on above), but my boss complains that the database is too slow that she doesn't even use it. So she asked me to research some new companies to host the database file for us. 
Here is the thing. I have sent out emails to a hand full of companies and the response I have gotten back is that the server we are on should be fast enough, but filemaker is notoriously difficult to optimize using hardware upgrades, however, changes in the database schema design generally yield much much higher gains. Therefore, now I am stumped as I am not sure how to speed up the database without losing all these great features I have setup and almost all the 12,800 records have been sorted into their correct groups. 
I need suggestions on either how I can break up the database file into multiple files so that the file is not slow or anything else, I am not even sure what to ask, but I am just looking for a way to speed up the database and keep all the features either in 1 file or several files that are connected to each other. 
Any suggestions would be very helpful!
Thx in advanced!