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Database Transfer

Question asked by JackGale on Mar 27, 2012


Database Transfer

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Hi all,
I hope you can help me/re-direct me to the best part of the website for the information I need!
We've bought a new MacMini Server to run FileMaker Server edition on as we are going above 10 users, this will be the Main Server which everyone accesses to use the current Database which is installed on our old MacMini. 
I've got hold of a 1 month free trial of the FileMaker Server edition and installed it on to our new MacMini Server for the time being, however, we would now like to transfer over the existing database files from our 'old' Mac Mini to the new Server one. Could you advise me of the steps needed to do this? I am also quite unfamiliar with the Server edition of FileMaker and I'm not sure exactly what we need to transfer over/configure for it all to run smoothly.