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Databases become unresponsive in FileMaker Server 13

Question asked by CraftICT on Feb 14, 2014


Databases become unresponsive in FileMaker Server 13

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     Twice this week we've had all hosted files on a FileMaker Server 13 become unresponsive. The server is hosting 23 files (many are data files in separation model solutions) and upon receiving reports of the problem we can access the admin console and can interact with FMS, but none of the databases will close when instructed, remaining at 'closing' status. The server can be started and stopped, but only a full server restart will resolve the problem.

     The server spec. is a Windows 2012 Server vm, with 8Gb RAM, 8vCPUs and SSD storage. All databases are hosted on a dedicated SSD data drive and performance monitoring isn't highlighting any problems - we do sometimes have some excessive Elapsed Time statistics, but believe this is usually due to container field uploads/downloads over the WAN and a few specific routines in some of the files. WebDirect is on a separate worker server and all clients in this case are FM Pro 13 clients. Progressive Backup is not enabled.

     However, during and after the problem we're not getting any entries of relevance in the FileMaker logs or Windows event viewer, so have very little to go on.

     We've had similar problems with FMS12 in the past, but that was down to a problem with a single database, but we've never had a situation where we couldn't close any databases.

     Would be interested whether anyone else has experienced similar problems?