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    Databases not closing in FMSA 10.x



      Databases not closing in FMSA 10.x

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      After upgrade installation and configuration of FMSA, I can't get files to close in the admin console.  The status hangs with "closing".  Any known issues or resolution short of restarting server (sadly the OFTEN used solution to most server problems before v10...).



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          First make sure that your Java is the correct version. The latest patch you can have is Java6 Update7. If you have auto-update on and are at a higher version, you will have issues with your console.


          Second, try using a command line to close the file. 


          If you end up having to stop the server, you probably will want to save a copy as compacted and server that version prior to trying to rehost it.

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            I see many posts about the server admin console not responding.  I am having the same issue.  Yet I have not found a response from filemaker, outside of close the dbs via the command line, which works sometimes.


            I am at the point of rebooting the server about twice a week.  Short of rebooting the server, does anyone have any other information?


            I am on windows, java 6v7

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              There have been a few reports of the Admin Console losing connection with the Admin Server.   As a result, the number of clients, the number of open databases, etc. stop updating.  Other symptoms include unable to stop/start FileMaker Server or the Web Publishing Engine.  At this time, the only solution we have found is to reboot the entire server.


              Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue, but no other information is available at this time.



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