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date order change on copy to server

Question asked by randomstream on Jul 12, 2010
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date order change on copy to server

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I work in a small bilingual office. Our main database was written for filemaker 6 with dates in Japanese format (ie. year, month, day). We recently upgraded to filemaker 10. When we set up the new files a few months ago the dates imported across correctly in this same format.

However, I am now trying to copy across a new version of one of the files. When it is opened directly into a filemaker client all the dates show in the correct order, but when it is copied across to the server and opened through the network the dates are all in American format (month, day, year). What is causing the date order to change? How can I get the server to host the files in the original order they were input? I have check the file>file options>text>always used file's saved settings but it doesn't make a difference. Is it related to the server's OS? I can't just change the visual format of the field as all the systems scripting, as well as all the dates throughout the rest of the database rely on the Japanese date order.

If anyone can tell me how and why the date order is changing it would be a great help.