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DB design for resource scheduling

Question asked by MartyV on Jan 4, 2011
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DB design for resource scheduling

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I am trying to replicate Excel functionality, and am new to FM and NOT a software developer (although I am getting the hang of scripting).

We use Excel for resource allocation but have pushed Excel to it's limits with lookup fields and named fields that constantly break due to multiple users of the file.

So far I have just re-created the spreadsheet layout with deliverables/resources in rows and months in columns, we then specify percentage of resource per deliverable per month, then subtotal a range of month columns. However, we like the fill-down and fill-right functions in Excel which allow speedy entry of repeating values. I got some responses from an earlier post about how to create fill down and multi-select capability, but the suggestions sound more complex than just selecting cells and filling (my users are very very basic users and had to be taught how to use excel, so this solution has to be very intuitive).

I looked at the Resource Scheduling starter solution which yields a weekly report for each resource. I think I might be able to modify this solution to generate a report for all resources and all months of the year, but as I said, I am new to FM and my mind does not work like a software, we still want speedy entry of repeating monthly values (both fill down and fill right).

Any other ideas, or any other suggestions for designing this database to do what I need it to do and keep it simple?