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Directional advice for complete FMP server newbie

Question asked by calexmac on Jul 4, 2015
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Directional advice for complete FMP server newbie

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I am looking to use FMP Server and am seeking some broad directions.  I have plenty of FMP Advanced experience, but to get started on FMP Server I have a couple of questions:

1: Does FMP Server hold the DB in memory?

My reason for asking this is because I need as much speed as possible possible given the underlying hardware and I am trying to figure out what performance increment I might expect by using an in-memory DB.  This helps with my business case.

2: Does Perform Script on Server allow you to start multiple processes that can take full advantage of all available server CPU cores?

I have some very long duration calculations, and on FMP Advanced, which can only take advantage of 1 CPU core on the client side, I am constrained to code optimisation. I want to take advantage of as many CPU cores as are available to improve performance.  I can break-up the long duration processing into a number of parallel processes, each operating independently to achieve the same outcome.  So I am wondering if FMP Server can use all the available machine resources to execute each of these processes.  In an ideal world, I would like to see all CPU cores fully utilised.  A sub-question here is how FMP Server responds performance-wise to real physical cores vs. virtual cores.

3: Is there a beginners guide to developing for FMP Server?

It feels like there is a learning curve for FMP Server that others must have pushed through.  I know the basics: I get record locking, I know that FMP Server doesn't execute all script steps and that it doesn't know about the client-side context.  But there must be a ton of tricks and tips that make FMP Server development and implementation effective and efficient.  So I am wondering if those FMP Server-specific tricks and tips have been aggregated anywhere.  Perhaps there are FMP Server training courses that you can recommend.

4: Is there a beginners guide to setting up and configuring FMP Server?

My experience with other DB environments is that the server config can make an enormous difference to performance, robustness and resource usage. But it is often as much art as science.  So I am wondering if there is a body of FMP Server config knowledge that has been pulled together somewhere.