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    Disappearing files??



      Disappearing files??

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      *20 or 30 users happily FileMaking on their FMS10.0.1.64 (Win2K8) hosted files with their FMP10v2 clients.

      *FMS is set to disconnect users after a period of inactivity.

      *Inactive users get disconnected.

      *They go to reconnect, and nothing is there. Can't see the files in open remote, can't even open by manually typing fmnet:/server/file ("Could not open..." etc.)

      *Note that this disappearing act happens while other users are still working in the files.

      *No firewalls anywhere in sight.

      *To troubleshoot, I installed FMP on the server machine and tried to open via fmnet:/localhost/file and fmnet:/ (and also using the real IP). No luck.

      *FMS Admin says everything's fine. Hosted files are listed, everything looks OK.

      *Nothing in the FMS log or Event log.*Closing all files with FMS Admin and reopening them doesn't work.

      *Closing all files and restarting the server works. For about 18 hours. (happened last night, restarted, then happened again this afternoon).??

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          Thank you for your post.


          I have been unable to duplicate this problem.  I don't have access to Windows 2008, but I do have Windows 2003 and Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 machines available to me, and each time the client times out, I'm able to select "Open Remote" and choose the same file.  I'm also able to launch fmnet:/<IP address of server> / filename on either machine.  I have tried this from both Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5.7 clients to both servers.


          If you launch Admin Console, does it show the user is still connected?  Even if that were the case, you would receive an error message when trying to log in again.


          Does anybody else have ideas?



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               Hi TS Gal. It appears to be an issue with the server's CLOSE_WAIT limit being reached. Clients are not fully disconnecting - either FMP or FMS (or maybe the OS) is not completely "letting go," so "half-connected" clients are just building up until the server closes port 5003. A support case with FMI has been opened. A temporary workaround is to increase this limit (via the Registry in Win 2003, via netsh in Win 2008). I am waiting to hear back from FMI on a final solution.
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              I also experienced this problem.  FMS 10 Adv is hosted on OSX 10.5.7 and client stations (Mac) using FMPro 9 cannot see the databases.  There is no problem with client stations (Windows) that is using FMPro 9.


              This just happened today.  I already restarted the server but FMP 9 clients in Mac can't see the remote databases. In previous days, everything was ok.



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                Ritche M:


                Thank you for your post.


                Your post sounds different than the original post.  Are Mac clients being disconnected?  Or, is it just the Mac workstations cannot see files remotely?  I get the sense it is the latter.


                If it worked previously, then we need to find out what has changed.  Do ANY Macs see remote database files?  If a Mac user makes a database available for Sharing, do the other Macs see the file?  Do the Windows machines see the file?



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