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Disappearing files??

Question asked by AndyFrazier_1 on Jul 9, 2009
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Disappearing files??

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*20 or 30 users happily FileMaking on their FMS10.0.1.64 (Win2K8) hosted files with their FMP10v2 clients.

*FMS is set to disconnect users after a period of inactivity.

*Inactive users get disconnected.

*They go to reconnect, and nothing is there. Can't see the files in open remote, can't even open by manually typing fmnet:/server/file ("Could not open..." etc.)

*Note that this disappearing act happens while other users are still working in the files.

*No firewalls anywhere in sight.

*To troubleshoot, I installed FMP on the server machine and tried to open via fmnet:/localhost/file and fmnet:/ (and also using the real IP). No luck.

*FMS Admin says everything's fine. Hosted files are listed, everything looks OK.

*Nothing in the FMS log or Event log.*Closing all files with FMS Admin and reopening them doesn't work.

*Closing all files and restarting the server works. For about 18 hours. (happened last night, restarted, then happened again this afternoon).??