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disappointed in FMP 9 advanced on latest xserver

Question asked by conchology on Apr 30, 2009
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disappointed in FMP 9 advanced on latest xserver

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Hi all,
I'm very disappointed on the performance of FileMaker Pro 9 Server Advanced  on the latest xserver (single core; 2.3Ghz, 8GB memory) running 10.5.6 server.

I've almost no performance gain with this new setup compaired to my old mac mini core 2, 2gb memory and FMPS 9 adv.

The database searching/exporting/relookup are all at the same speed from the past? How to enable FMP server to use the full power of the xserver?

Some ideas:
Export 719,000 records out of 3 related tables
- mini: 19 min
- xserver: 18 min

Relookup 1 related field: 450,000 records
- mini: 16 min
- xserver: 15 min 40 sec.

I cannot believe that a mini of 750$ is as fast as 4000$ xserver.

Any ideas on what to do to get dramatic improvement?