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Disk Full Error on FMP Server 11 Adv.

Question asked by phaberle on Jan 26, 2013
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Disk Full Error on FMP Server 11 Adv.

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     I'm running a FileMaker Pro Server 11 Advanced on a Mac Pro with a RAID 1 600GB volume on 10.6.8 Server.  It has 6 GB RAM and currently hosts about 35 databases. For the second time in two weeks the server has closed down. This time I found the FMP server log and saw the entries posted in the snapshot.  I have one database that is misbehaving. The log says its temporary file has filled up thus causing the server to close. 

     1. Should I run a Repair on the ill database?

     2. Should I increase the servers cache size?

     Thanks for your help.