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Displaying date on another form once it is clicked on calendar

Question asked by LiaGuercio on Jun 27, 2011
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Displaying date on another form once it is clicked on calendar

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I am using a simple to understand 3 table database design to make a calendar and book simulator hours on given days.

ex fields in weeks table to make the calendar via a script

week   date  indexed auto-enter calculation, cmonth   calc week-day(week) +1, cmonday = week +1 etc..

The calendar is made by running a months script.. When i click on a specific date i have a script to either take me to a daily view of bookings with instructors and 1 1/2 time slots for that day, or shift click and i can book a time slot for that day...

How to i get the date that i have clicked on say 25 July to be displayed on my appointment form when it opens...

I have tried to set the field from weeks::cmonday to events::eventdate; but doesn't work. also i saw in another sample database that the field was set to a say caldatecalc fields from 1-7 (for the 7 days, but i dont understand what the calculation is in the actual field in the table therefore i get errors. It was then set to a field calfilterdateglob before the appointment layout is opened. Tried it my layout is opening but no date is displayed. Am i missing a step, is there an easier way say $day variable which i tried but not working either.....  Any help would be much appreciated..