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Does FileMaker Server 10 require internet access?

Question asked by JasonBryant on Jan 28, 2013


Does FileMaker Server 10 require internet access?

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     I'm cought in a sticky situtation between myself and my network admin.  All of a sudden I no longer have internet access from my FM Server.  So I can't update the server nor the biggie FileMaker Admin Console.  I found this out while trying to upload a new database and the console refused to run and I then tried going to

     The server it self is fine, I can connect to it and run my other database's that were on there before.  Just can't upload a new one because the console isn't working....

     Specs:  Windows Server 2008, Firewall turned off(to test) and IE Enhanced Security is off.

     To make my point, is there a KB article somewhere that I can hand to my network manager on this?

     thank you!