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      Download link

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      Purchased and paid, how to get download link???

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          Finally got my download link.

          Sad to say that my country ONLY support come from ONE sole distributor. They ask me to download the trial and insert the license key I purchased & paid.That's NOT what I expect from such a BIG company like Filemaker!

          I didn't receive any email from Filemaker regarding the download link, checked JUNK/SPAM folder as well.

          After sent so many complaint to email address I found in Filemaker website. Finally got replied from support team, they made a silly mistake on send it to the wrong email address. They didn't realize the mistake and need me to point out their mistake ONLY then they admit they made a mistake. I guess the support team is either using an iphone to check email, too small for them to discover the mistake or their monitor screen size is 10".

          Well, for a company selling digital product (digital download) FAILED to provide the most basic thing which is download link. Might as well DON'T sell digital download, sell the license with media instead !!!

          It is a very BAD experience for my first time dealing with Filemaker. Regret didn't choose and use Microsoft Access in the first place !