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Dual Binding Authentication

Question asked by Cshiers on Sep 22, 2009
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Dual Binding Authentication

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Hello, I am trying to get FileMaker to authenticate using both Active Directory and Open Directory. I am currently running FM9 on Mac OSX 10.4. I have bound the server to both Open Directory and Active Directory. The search order is LDAPv3 first then Active Directory.

We are currently migrating from OD to AD and have created all the new accounts in AD. We are then moving users on a one by one basis from the old system to the new system. Groups for authentication have also been setup in both environments.

I am able to authenticate fine using accounts in OD, however I get an error message along the lines of invalid username and password when authenticating with AD. I can also see authentication errors in the event log in the console.  

However when I move Active Directory above LDAPv3 for the authentication search order, I can then authenticate fine using both AD AND OD. Unfortunately this will not work as user's AD account will be validated before their OD account, and those who have not been migrated will not be able to log in.

Alternatively I have tried adding the AD accounts into the OD groups. Again I receive a message that the username and password combination is invalid.  

Is there a way to have Filemaker authenticate with both AD and OD, and ensure that OD is authenticated before AD?

Thank you.