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    Duplicating files



      Duplicating files

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      We have 4 locations with 4 servers, one per office each hosting a copy of our DB file.

      We initially wanted one server where we could host all the files since that would simplify many things. This would be accesed by th remote locations via a site to site vpn for security.

      The problem we encountered is that 2 of the 4 locations only have the option for att as an ISP and the service is not good at all, we loose internet at least once a week and on one specific instance we went withoug internet for 4 days.

      I was thinking that we could host the file at one location and have all locations working from that file however would like to periodically update the records from all tables to local server in each location to have an exact copy at each location in the event the internet goes down the employees would just switch to the local copy.

      Does anyone have an idea of how this would be possible if at all?


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          Depends on the type of data you are managing in your database. The issue that arises is that you could have a copy of the record on your hosted site that is modified by a user in one manner and then a copy of the same record might be modified by a different user and in a different way on the emergency back up copy. A third user working on a third copy of your file might then edit this same record in yet another way. Then you have to have some way to detect the changes and merge all of them back into the same file.

          With records that are seldom updated after they are created such as invoices, this may not be a major issue. With other types of data, merging the edits back into a single set of records could be very complicated and messy.

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            I figured that would be the case. these records are modified daily and it can cause problems, perhaps a better solution is to leave different files per location.

            The backup copies that are created by the server are stored to a local folder and i manually copy them to an external drive that goes in a safe in a remore location. copying the file over a vpn takes to long since its several GB per location and we prefer not to allow an employee access to the server, can you think of a way i can back this to a remote location (my location) automatically, im not sure if FMS 11 has this capability and I cant think of a faster way of doing this.

            I tried hosting a copy of the file on my server and created a script that i run to update existig records in found set and adding others as new, this is not really any faster than cppying the entire file though.

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              FileMaker cannot backup a file to a remote location--even another drive on the same network. It can backup the file while it is open and hosted by server so a common backup strategy is to back up the database to a directory on the local drive and then use a third party backup utility or system script to copy the file from the back up folder to the remote volume. We do that here with VBScript file run from Windows Task Manager about 30 minutes after the Server Schedule backs up the file to the local directory.