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    Edit DB while open on server?



      Edit DB while open on server?

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      While my IWP DB (7th Hour Sign-Up) is running (students and teachers can enter and check data from PC's throughout my school) on a Mac Mini running FMS 11 Advanced, is there a way to access the file from another Mac in such a way that I can:

      1) add, delete, or edit users and passwords

      2) run a scripts that will reset certain field for a new day's data and to email a report.  (Both scrips have been written and work perfectly if I stop the server and access the DB file via Mac's filesharing, but I would like to do so without having to shut down the DB each time.  I have found a work-around for the report I want to email - that is, having a scheduled backup made just before I need to email the report and then using my Mac with Filemaker Pro 10 on it, I run the script in the backup and email it that way.)


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or clarifications.

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          1) yes, you can use filemaker Pro and Open Remote to open the Database to get to Manage | Security to update security settings.

          2) Do not EVER use filesharing to access a hosted FileMaker file, it can damage the file as I understand it. Use Open Remote from a FileMaker client to access and run your script or set up a schedule on the server to do this automatically if the scripts steps are compatible and you want this to take place on a regular basis.

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            Thanks for the response and encouraging news.  Let me give you a few more details to see if I can reach my goal.

            File Name: 7th Hour

            7th Hour is stored on a Mac Mini and uploaded into Filemaker Server 11 Advanced so we can run it as an IWP file so students can sign-up for a 7th Hour throughout the day and teachers can take attendance when 7th Hour begins.

            I have a personal Mac Mini with Filemaker Pro 10 running on the same network.

            There are 3 things that I would like to do without shutting down the server to access the 7th Hour file:

            1) Each morning before school starts I need to run a script that deletes some of the data from the previous day and resets a field for all teachers to a specific value.

            2) At about 2:15 each day, I need to run a script that generates data in the form of a CSV file that I email to the attendance specialist.

            3) I need to add/delete users as staff and students change.

            I can do all these manually if I stop the server and access the file through Network sharing on my Mac.  However, I would like to be able to do them without stopping the server since I would like to move the server to a more secure/remote location than my desk in my classroom. 

            Sounds like these can be done through Open Remote.

            However, when using Open Remote I have no trouble finding the Mac Mini Server (it shows up automatically) but there are no file showing to open (the 7th Hour is the only file running on the server).

            What am I missing?

            Can the server run scripts within the database at a specified time of day and send an email with the results?

            Thanks for your time and I hope I made my issue clear enough.

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              Sounds like either your personal install of FileMaker is missing or has a corrupted .pem file.

              FMP installer does not install server.pem file (Windows)

              Can't login to FMS database on new Mac, other Macs can (Mac)

              Or security settings on the file did not include the needed extended privilege: "Access via FileMaker Network" was not enabled for this file for your account. (Though I think you'd still see the file, just not be permitted access.

              Or the file has been set to be hidden from the open remote dialog.

              You can also try selecting the server by name and adding the file name 7th hour to the filepath to the server that appears in the field near the bottom of open remote.

              You can also open the server Admin application and set up schedules that run these scripts every day at a specified time of day. The exoprt to csv file can even be setup with a script that uses and SMTP server to email the csv file as an attachment to your attendance specialist. This requires setting up access to an SMTP email server and you'll need to understand the limits of scheduled scripts that import or export records:  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7035/kw/server%20import%20records

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                Thanks Phil,

                I was able to get everything running smoothly.  Even found some help from you in another post about "field length" so people are not able to double enter the number of students the are will to have during 7th Hour.  Everything looks good.


                I did learn something about IP addresses: if you change the location of the server in a dynamic IP situation the IP address will change which messed up all the links and shortcuts that had been sent out to the teachers and will have to be redone Monday morning...OOPS!


                Again, MANY MANY thanks to you and your wisdom/insights.