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Edit DB while open on server?

Question asked by TerryCarlson on Jan 12, 2012
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Edit DB while open on server?

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While my IWP DB (7th Hour Sign-Up) is running (students and teachers can enter and check data from PC's throughout my school) on a Mac Mini running FMS 11 Advanced, is there a way to access the file from another Mac in such a way that I can:

1) add, delete, or edit users and passwords

2) run a scripts that will reset certain field for a new day's data and to email a report.  (Both scrips have been written and work perfectly if I stop the server and access the DB file via Mac's filesharing, but I would like to do so without having to shut down the DB each time.  I have found a work-around for the report I want to email - that is, having a scheduled backup made just before I need to email the report and then using my Mac with Filemaker Pro 10 on it, I run the script in the backup and email it that way.)


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or clarifications.