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Email PDF attachment on FM-server from client

Question asked by bosch_bastiaan on Sep 27, 2010
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Email PDF attachment on FM-server from client

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I am a using FMserver 9 adv.  working from remote 3 locations over internet.

I want my invoices to be saved on the server, saved as:    Date &-& InvoiceNr &-& Last_Name

Then be able to email the PDF,  from local computer(s) that are connected with the server using "open remote"

Script step  "save records as pdf" is too limited,

(FM shows only local directories)

(no "save-as" file-name calculation)

(can't add  send to, as calculation in send-to field)

Send Post does not attach email from 

I have no experience with apple-script, yet viewing other posts, seems the only way-to-go...

I would like to have a step-by-step plan to do this

1 ) make Invoices directotory  server/library/Filemaker Server/

2) etc..

Looked at other posts, could not find answer, In case I overlooked, can anyone send me the answer-post ?

Can't imagine I am the only one having this issue..

Thanks, Bastiaan