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      Email Script

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      I am using Filemaker Pro Server 13, FM Pro 13, and advance 13.

      I have a Filemaker DB that contains invoices to parents, each parent has different number of children in different grade levels and Fees.

      I need to send each parent his invoice by email, I setup the email to by send by smtp server. and try to send a test email to my self and two other administrators. (setting Screenshot attached)

      The result was we all get the email 3 times, for example I got me personal email and their emails, other admins got their emails plus my. Also I tried to add the email field on the "TO:" I got the names of others, I changed and use the  field in the BCC: but it is the same.

      I need each receive only his related email. and they should not see others emails.





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          Kareema Matrook:
          Thank you for the post.
          "If you select Multiple emails and Collect addresses across found set, FileMaker Pro generates an email message for every record in the found set. Each message is addressed to everyone specified in the TO, CC and BCC boxes for every record in the found set."
          "If you specified a field or calculation in step 5, select Collect addresses across found set if you want to gather addresses from all the records in the current found set. (Otherwise, only the address from the current record is used.)
          Note:  If you typed email addresses into the To, CC, and BCC boxes and your found set contains multiple records, selecting the Collect addresses across found set option will send recipients one email for each record in the found set."
          For more information, review the help links below:
          FileMaker, Inc.