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Question asked by kmatrook on Oct 21, 2014
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Email Script

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I am using Filemaker Pro Server 13, FM Pro 13, and advance 13.

I have a Filemaker DB that contains invoices to parents, each parent has different number of children in different grade levels and Fees.

I need to send each parent his invoice by email, I setup the email to by send by smtp server. and try to send a test email to my self and two other administrators. (setting Screenshot attached)

The result was we all get the email 3 times, for example I got me personal email and their emails, other admins got their emails plus my. Also I tried to add the email field on the "TO:" I got the names of others, I changed and use the  field in the BCC: but it is the same.

I need each receive only his related email. and they should not see others emails.