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Encrypting database on server (Windows 2008/Bitlocker)?

Question asked by HB_1 on Mar 31, 2011


Encrypting database on server (Windows 2008/Bitlocker)?

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Has anyone used Bitlocker on a FileMaker Server machine or any other encryption software to encrypt the entire database on the server? Trying to comply with a HIPAA contract that requests that data “at rest” to be encrypted. Since FileMaker Server is running all the time I assume “at rest” would mean when the server is shut off or if a hard drive is pulled out of the server. Since Bitlocker decrypts the entire drive or volume upon starting that machine assume FileMaker Server wouldn't have an issue with it. However curious about speed issues, ability to restart computer remotely, issues if need to recover data.

Already doing ssl encryption for data over the network and have looked at plugins though they look they will encrypt one field at a time and am looking to encrypt the entire database while it is “at rest” as well as the backups.

At this point thinking this may be more trouble then it is worth..