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    Error 103 - Relationship is missing



      Error 103 - Relationship is missing

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      We have made a script on Filemaker, using a mac. When we run the script locally, it works fine and send a email with the needed information perfectly fine

      When we run this server side however, it still sends the email, but does not pull the needed info, and displays a 103 error in the logs

      Please see the screenshots of the script 

      Any Advise?


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          I think the problem is probably caused by the script running while on the wrong layout. It sounds like you changed it to do Perform Script on Server which doesn't know your current filemaker client's context. If you put a go to layout at the top of the script it should fix your problem.

          When you run a script on the server, the server opens a brand new connection to the database then runs the script. This means that the layout that the script is on when it runs is actually the layout that you are on when you first open the system. Also keep in mind that the new connection will also run the on first window open script trigger.

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