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Error 3 when Performing Script on Server

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Sep 5, 2014
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Error 3 when Performing Script on Server

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We recently upgraded to FM server 13.  I was writing some scripts to run server side but consistently got an error 3.(Command is unavailable)  I filtered out everything from my script and I did a test.  The following results in the same error 3:

Main Script:
Perform Script On Server [Wait for completion; "PSoS Test"]
Exit Script []

PSoS Script:
Exit Script []

Immediately after the first line, it provides the error 3 when debugging.  I am new to 13.  Is there anything that is off by default or I should look into?

Edit:  Apologies, a little detail into my solution:  Data file is hosted on FM Server 13.  Client file is a local FM 13 file that has the data file set up as an External Data Source.