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Error 808 - Access privileges damaged

Question asked by NickCahill on Dec 21, 2011
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Error 808 - Access privileges damaged

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I am serving a number of databases on Filemaker Server 11, iMac with 10.6.8, all up to date. I just restarted the server, and on restart one of the databases would not open, but gave an error 808 -- "The access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with." I read a few Forum posts with the same problem - including So I went to yesterday's backup, and that was corrupted, too. Every backup of this database since Nov. 30 is corrupted. I have tried opening them directly from two different client machines, tried opening through "Recover..." with all the various options in FMP 11. Nobody has tried opening that file directly (i.e. on the server machine, but bypassing FMS - that was suggested as a possible reason for corruption in the thread above). On Nov. 30 I added one more database to the set on the server; could this have caused corruption?

This is very odd because I and other users use that file almost every day; and I have restarted the server at least once during that period. FMS must check consistency when it starts up; why didn't it notice the corruption during one of these earlier restarts? And if the served file was OK during one of the earlier restarts, why would the backups all be corrupted? This makes me very distrustful of the server.

In the log I now see that consistency check failed on Nov. 30, but I stupidly did not have email notifications turned on, so I didn't know. Still, I would have thought that it would have notified me when I personally restarted the server. 

Is there any way to recover the data from the corrupted database? If it is only access privileges that are corrupted, does that mean the data is OK? Filemaker has a $500 file recovery service, but no guarantees (except that you'll be poorer).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I hate to lose 3 weeks work of many people.