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    Error 92



      Error 92

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      I've received an email from Filemaker Server:

      2011-04-07 23:00:00.187 +0100    Error    92    xserve01   Could not complete operation on database "FocalPointTemplate" because it is not currently open.

      23:00 is when my FMServer backup is scheduled and I know my FocalPointTemplate db is closed - so it's not a major worry, as I presume the email just means that this db is not being backed up whilst it is closed.

      However, I can't find any reference in Filemaker's documentation for an "Error 92". I have looked through the normal filemaker error codes and there is no 92! I have also tried to find some error codes specifically relating to Filemaker Server, rather than Filemaker Pro but can't find any. A link to the list of Filemaker Server error codes would be greatly appreciated.