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    Error 959 When connecting to database in PHP


      Error 959 When connecting to database in PHP

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      I'm trying to connect to a filemaker server on another machine using PHP.

      $fm = new FileMaker();
      $fm->setProperty('hostspec', '');
      $fm->setProperty('database', 'FMServer_Sample');

      I can go to and see the FM admin console from the webserver/PHP machine, but I can't get access to any of the databases. I think this is something to do with the FM server setup as I had it working briefly yesterday in FM12, but I need to use FM11 for compatibility with other DBs.

      I have tried lots of changing permissions on the DBs and checking that web publishing is enabled, but I am stuck now.

      As soon as PHP runs the last line above I end up with a filemaker error 959, which seems to indicate that web publishing is not available.

      Thanks in advance - Matthew Pearson