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    Error message with Site Assistant



      Error message with Site Assistant

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      I have built a terribly simple form  - name, address, telephone number, email address with a URN that is generated when a new record is added.  it is hosted on a server running FMS 9 Advanced.


      We host some of our own websites and the site that I have published the php data to is on a separate server.  the site assistant has generated all the php code


      The URL for the created pages is http://www.m-a-h.co.uk/ANGUS/webform/home.php  The opening page shows as expected and the link to add a record works fine.  However, when the user presses the "save record" button, there is an error message displayed.  I have checked the code in the database - all fields are set as tect fields with the exception of the Primary Key (number field - auto generated etc) and the id_create (timestamp).  these are not displayed on the form.


      It seems that no data is being transmitted to the database from the form and I am sure that I have done something fundamentally silly so that either the form or the database is not behaving properly.

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          OK - I give up.  I have used the site assistant to re-build this as several different names - I have changed the account setting to guest with full access without password and Admin without password with extended privieldges for full accessto everything. - I have ticked the boxes in FM Pro so that the database shows in FMS ADV with every box ticked.  The php code is generated so that the form will show on the testing page in the web page, (it might be in the folder "Form" or Webform")  The database will show, but web content is not being written to the database.


          Should I sit in a corner and cry or is there anyone out there (with or without a beard and sandals) who can throw a little light on my hopelessness.

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            I have managed to get a little further advanced with the problem from the error logs.  Error 661 so I will take the matter up with support team.