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Error message with Site Assistant

Question asked by AngusGilmour on May 24, 2010
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Error message with Site Assistant

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I have built a terribly simple form  - name, address, telephone number, email address with a URN that is generated when a new record is added.  it is hosted on a server running FMS 9 Advanced.


We host some of our own websites and the site that I have published the php data to is on a separate server.  the site assistant has generated all the php code


The URL for the created pages is  The opening page shows as expected and the link to add a record works fine.  However, when the user presses the "save record" button, there is an error message displayed.  I have checked the code in the database - all fields are set as tect fields with the exception of the Primary Key (number field - auto generated etc) and the id_create (timestamp).  these are not displayed on the form.


It seems that no data is being transmitted to the database from the form and I am sure that I have done something fundamentally silly so that either the form or the database is not behaving properly.