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    Errors Backing Up - Windows Server 2008



      Errors Backing Up - Windows Server 2008

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      Getting errors on scheduled backups. The schedule overview reports "Permission Denied," and the logs generate error 494 "Invalid Backup Destination" and warning #156 "destination is not writable"


      Here's the interesting part:

      -It creates the folders (i.e., the new-to-FMS10 timestamped folders it creates to separate multiple backups from the same schedule). They're just empty. So it has write permission to the destination folder and can find it.

      -This happens whether someone is logged on and trying it manually (note that the only logons available for this machine have full admin privileges) or if nobody is logged on and it's the service attempting it.


      Any ideas? This is a mission-critical application and I'm getting nervous with no backups!!

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             Check the permissions on the folders it creates, maybe those aren't correct.
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               Thank you for a good idea, but the permissions are being inherited from the parent (i.e., the same permissions that allow the server to create the subfolders). I assume this would work OK (in fact, it does on a different Win2k8 installation).
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                 It's a long shot but check the destination file path you've entered in the schedule. I got a similar error when I left out a slash. Server accepted the path as "valid" when in fact it wasn't.
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                Well, it was a path thing - but not the path of the BACKUP - it was the path of the SOURCE, which was set up like this:




                I know somebody sees the problem already. There should be slash after that drive letter colon. The funny thing is, Server saw this and happily served up the files. But, looking at the logs, what it was trying to back up was:




                So naturally Windows said there was a problem with the filename "D:FMPData..." etc., and Server reported that as a permissions problem.


                Knocked everyone off, closed the files, put in the missing slash, opened back up and tried again: voila, a successful backup.


                So: moral of the story: just because the Server validates the path and serves the files, doesn't necessarily mean the path is OK.


                FMI, if you're listening, in the next update, please protect us from ourselves once again by disallowing a path string that works for serving but fails for backing up!!


                Thanks everyone for reading and offering suggestions!


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                  I have forwarded this entire thread to our Development department and Product Manager through the Feature Suggestion web form.


                  PhilModJunk - Good catch!  Thank you!



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    The Tech folks at filemaker should be aware of this bug, since I posted a report to the bug forum about this some time ago as well as emailed the filemaker phone support tech that helped me spot the problem by examining the my log file.