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Errors Backing Up - Windows Server 2008

Question asked by AndyFrazier_1 on Jun 11, 2009
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Errors Backing Up - Windows Server 2008

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Getting errors on scheduled backups. The schedule overview reports "Permission Denied," and the logs generate error 494 "Invalid Backup Destination" and warning #156 "destination is not writable"


Here's the interesting part:

-It creates the folders (i.e., the new-to-FMS10 timestamped folders it creates to separate multiple backups from the same schedule). They're just empty. So it has write permission to the destination folder and can find it.

-This happens whether someone is logged on and trying it manually (note that the only logons available for this machine have full admin privileges) or if nobody is logged on and it's the service attempting it.


Any ideas? This is a mission-critical application and I'm getting nervous with no backups!!