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    Errors when setting up two machine deployment



      Errors when setting up two machine deployment

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      I'm trying to set up a two machine deployment, going from:

       - Single FM server on with link to local IIS (intranet)


       - Database server on, linked to web publishing on (linked to IIS on - the external web interface)


      There is now a full FM 10 Server ( installation on both machines.


      PROBLEM 1:


      When I try to do the two machine deployment on, it lists no "workers" and if I try to "Lookup", I get an error message "Error encountered while doing lookup". I have to cancel out.


      PROBLEM 2:


      If I try a Single machine deployment on, it finds the IIS, but gives an error when trying to connect:


      Unconfiguring web server

      Return code = 0

      Testing Web Server

      Return code = false


      If I then "Retry", I get the following error message:

      Retry web server test

      Web server test failed. Return code = -1


      PROBLEM 3


      I then tried to configure using the admin console on I went into Edit Server Deployment and into Enable Web Publishing. The program hung for over 10 minutes, so I killed the process with Task Manager. Now, when I try to log into the Admin Console I get "FileMaker Server is currently being deployed by another user and is not available at this time". I can't find where the lock is held - there are no obviously named files to delete.


      I'm now very stuck. There's no point reinstalling on as it's a fresh install. I guess I'll have to reinstall on if I don't get a solution (so I can get into the admin console), but even then I can't get the deployment I need to expose the database on the internet.


      Servers are both running Windows Server 2003 SP2.


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          Problem 2

          I’ve now sorted out Problem 2. The IIS is configured with SSL, so I had to select the HTTPS option with port 443.


          Problem 3

          Problem 3 resolved itself with no action on my part. Presumably the lock gets cleared after a while. 


          Problem 1 is still outstanding  


          I installed the 10.0v2 update, and at the same time I did a repair install of Bonjour. Neither action has fixed the problem. I have two servers each with the same setup: FM Server 10 running and linked to local IIS server, on Windows Server 2003 SP2. Both deliver web pages via IWP on their own IIS server. Each server is on the same LAN with nothing between them.  However, the “Deployment Configuration” page of FM Server (Two Machine option in Edit Server Deployment) always shows “Unassigned” as the only machine. If I type the IP address of the other server into the IP Address box and click Lookup it says “Error encountered while doing lookup”. The Rescan option appears to do nothing. This happens identically on both of the server machines.

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            Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


            I know it has been three months, and hopefully you have found a solution.  If not, then continue on. 


            Since you are encountering an error during the lookup, it appears the two machines cannot see each other.  Is each machine able to ping the other?  Is there a firewall enabled?  If so, make sure you have the correct ports open.  You can find these at:




            If you have found a solution, please post here in case other customers run into the same problem.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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                 I am encountering a similar problem. I can ping the webserver  but when I try to do lookup I get the same error.
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                Problem 1 was caused by using the wrong installation option on


                I needed to use the multiple machine option, then the worker option.