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Errors when setting up two machine deployment

Question asked by Duncn on Oct 8, 2009
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Errors when setting up two machine deployment

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I'm trying to set up a two machine deployment, going from:

 - Single FM server on with link to local IIS (intranet)


 - Database server on, linked to web publishing on (linked to IIS on - the external web interface)


There is now a full FM 10 Server ( installation on both machines.




When I try to do the two machine deployment on, it lists no "workers" and if I try to "Lookup", I get an error message "Error encountered while doing lookup". I have to cancel out.




If I try a Single machine deployment on, it finds the IIS, but gives an error when trying to connect:


Unconfiguring web server

Return code = 0

Testing Web Server

Return code = false


If I then "Retry", I get the following error message:

Retry web server test

Web server test failed. Return code = -1




I then tried to configure using the admin console on I went into Edit Server Deployment and into Enable Web Publishing. The program hung for over 10 minutes, so I killed the process with Task Manager. Now, when I try to log into the Admin Console I get "FileMaker Server is currently being deployed by another user and is not available at this time". I can't find where the lock is held - there are no obviously named files to delete.


I'm now very stuck. There's no point reinstalling on as it's a fresh install. I guess I'll have to reinstall on if I don't get a solution (so I can get into the admin console), but even then I can't get the deployment I need to expose the database on the internet.


Servers are both running Windows Server 2003 SP2.