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    ESS backwards compatibility?



      ESS backwards compatibility?

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           Each version of FM Server is certified for a couple of specifiy database versions of MySQL or Oracle. When we upgrade to a higher FM Version, will we still be able to connect through ESS to our oracle database, or are we stuck with our current FM Version?

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               Thank you for the post. 


               "What external SQL data sources are certified for FileMaker 13?


               MS SQL Server 2008 R2

               Oracle 11g R2

               MS SQL Server 2012 SP1

               MySQL 5.6.11 Community Edition (free)"


               For more information see the following:


          External SQL Data Source Overview


          Top External SQL Data Source Answers



               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 You kinda repeated what I wrote, if I am not mistaken :)

                 Are you trying to tell me "Yes, your company is stuck with the currently installed Filemaker Version, because the ESS feature has no backwards compatibility" ?



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                   Or to put it in other words. If we buy a new version of filemaker, it looks like we have to buy a new version of Oracle too. Not to mention the migration efforts


                   This is not nice at all.

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                     Thank you for the reply. 


                     Those are the versions that were tested and certified to work with FileMaker 13, meaning those versions are the supported ESS Data Sources for FileMaker 13.


                     This does not mean that ESS will not work with older versions, and you are welcome to test other versions for compatibility. 



                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                       Ok... I understand.

                       Filemaker tests and certifies Filemaker products for specific databases. But with the next release of FM, you are dropping those certifications and Filemaker does not guarantee the same compatibility as in prior versions of filemaker.


                       Conclusion: Upgrading to the next version of Filemaker is a risk, because replacing an erp system is out of the question. Or we decide to step back and use odbc. I have problems grasping Filemakers concept.





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                         I had a similar issue with using Filemaker with MySQL 5.5. FM13 says it is certified with 5.6.11 and I was worried it would not function with 5.5 at all. Turns out after testing in a test environment it worked. I asked Filemaker about this and learned they did fully test 5.5 and found it to be 100% compatible, but did not "certify" it for some reason.

                         You may want to contact Filemaker and ask about the testing they have done since they seem to want to keep it a secret and not want people to upgrade. I fought this fear for a few months trying to get the server host to agree to change from 5.5 to 5.6.11 before I finally decided to test it and find out.

                         If you are in a large enterprise situation and you need Certified solutions then that may be an issue. I would encourage you to test all functionality with some of the demo software if you can and determine if there are any problems.

                         Filemaker does really make you feel like only the exact specified database versions will work with ESS, but from what I have experienced and what I have heard from other experienced developers is that it is certainly no the case. Possibly "certified" means Filemaker will provide tech support for the ESS interaction with those versions. I am not sure.

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                           Hey Tom

                           Thanks for the hint. If they have fully tested it, then there would be no reason to not certify it.

                           Second. With FM 11 we had no problems. In other words, we are relieved that everything works flawlessly. So why not port the old code from the odbc driver into the new version? Its all there. Why waste it?

                           From a marketing point of view, this makes no sense to me. I'll call them myself because I cannot make "I believe" statements in my company. I need a statement from filemaker to ease minds.

                           And when it should come to "Ok....   we stay with FM and test everything" then what will this involve? Testing software is a fully blown operation.

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                             Possibly they do not have the means to provide Filemaker side support for all the versions of other databases available. They seem to be "certifying" whatever the latest version is when the product was in ESS testing before release.

                             I think this is mostly OBDC driver related. If FM can work through the driver to see all the tables  in your database and you can manage direct entry updates to the data as well as basic commands and such you should be fine and not much else could be wrong. It is either connected or it is not. Testing should not be too difficult, but I do understand that your need to be thorough in your decision making.

                             No one I have talked to has had any troubles with older ESS databases after upgrading. In the case of MySQL if you have a driver for 5.6.19 Filemaker may very well work just fine with it even though it is only certified for 5.6.11.

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                               If they have no means to support all versions for at least 5-10 years, then they should not advertise ESS. A development cycle of the FM Software takes around 15 months. And then the support dies of. 15 months?


                               I just called the tech support and unfortunately the guy on the phone confirmed all the "Filemaker is all about guys who have no idea what a database is" clichés.


                               One of his punchlines was: "Ahh ESS is a FM Server functionality. Ok...  now I am with you".   JESUS CHRIST.

                               Anyways... he said he would forward my questions to somebody that is involved in the development.

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                                 Yeah some of those tech support guys are jokers. I had one guy  tell me I could daisy chain installs of a database related to itself across a network to increase the FM13 connection count. I just hung up and called back at that point I think.

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                                   Here is the answer


                                   In my case FM 13 has never been tested with Oracle 10g. There is no guarantee what so ever.

                                   Ok...  Oracle 10g days are numbered since 2007. But my nose tells me, there might be lots and lots of running installations out there. They should support it for much longer. They have the code lying around :)