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Establish remote connection

Question asked by nolak37 on Dec 23, 2009
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Establish remote connection

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Im having a problem i hope to resolve with some help. I have uploaded a database to my server and I have FMP on that same machine, if I open FMP i can select file-open remote and select the host and file however I have a mac pro and a pc running win-7 and both of these machiles are detecting the host but neither displays the available files.


When i try and manualy type in the file name and select open i get "file" could not be opened either host or file is not available.

Anyone have any ideas as to what i might be doing wrong?



Im hosting on a computer running windows server 2008, also this is my forst time working on a server OS.

So maybe i set something up wrong, not sure. is there something i should look for on the server?