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      Event Log

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      Using Windows2003 Server

      We used to run FileMaker Server 8 and it would log user opening/closing of files to the system event log. I just updated to 9 and that seems to have stopped. Anyone know how to activate that again? 

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          In FileMaker Server 9, you need to turn on the Access log.  Go into FileMaker Server, and under Configuration, click on Database Server.  Click the "Logging" tab, and at the bottom, check the option for "Access".  This will then create an "Access.log" file to go with the Event.log file, and you can see who opened and closed files.



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            Can I enable or create (via scripting) an access log for the filemaker network for FMP 9.0?  I do not have the server version but I would like to log the users accessing the DB through the FMP network.


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                 Use of FileMaker server software is recommended for this use. It is worth its money only because of the backup facilities.