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Execute SQL Script Step and Web Publishing

Question asked by BobDavisson on Dec 21, 2011


Execute SQL Script Step and Web Publishing

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Is there a current solution or workaround for executing SQL commands within a Filemaker Script Step triggered from a web client?

Currently we have a 15-year old, antiquated system that uses Lasso 7 web pages to execute Filemaker commands (Filemaker Web Publishing Server 5, Filemaker Server 5.5, Filemaker Pro 5 databases) including executing script steps using PDM SQL Plugin 2.0. An upgrade process has taken us to Filemaker Server Advanced 11 (replacing Filemaker Server 5 and Filemaker Web Publishing Server 5), .fp5 database updates to .fp7 for each table, and Lasso 8.6. The integration of SQL in Filemaker 11 was promising until I found that it is not compatible with the web client (IWP). It appears that most SQL plugins currently distributed are for access into Filemaker databases, not necessarily from Filemaker to external databases. I'm currently searching for an current/updated 3rd party tool that simulate the previous setup where the execution of SQL is web/server compatible (likely because it was 3rd party).

Our antiquated system allows multiple users to create job orders that feeds our accounting system (SQL/ODBC) with web browsers - clean and simple. Although I like that Filemaker integrated SQL, I don't want to resort to deploying Filemaker clients for multiple users in multiple locations when no process changes require such a change - that doesn't seem like an improvement.

Any help would be much appreciated.